Digital Membership Card 2024

All the information about membership card 2024

The 2024 membership card will be issued in digital format only, except for those members over 70, who are also to receive their physical card to their registered home address.

This 2024 membership card is made with recycled and recyclable materials.

When am I receiving my digital card?

Each member can update or download the Members App, and get their card as from the 15th of January 2024.

Membership fees 2024

Adult memberhip €215
Junior membership €107
Child membressin €51

Can I have the Carnet in physical format?

From January 15th, all members will be able to purchase a duplicate in physical format in person at the OAB or via an online form at a price of €10.



Membership Card Renewal

The bank charge corresponding to the renewal of the 2024 Membership Card will be exceptionally delayed until 15 January, which is when the Club will charge the account on file in your membership profile for the amount corresponding to the Card category.


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