78. Nunes


Helder Nunes is the complete player and a specialist at deal ball situations.

From Barcelos in Portugal and a family of sportsmen, Nunes was born to play roller hockey. His father and uncle both played in the Portuguese First Division and passed on their passion to the young Helder. 

He began playing when he was just two years old and represented his home town side Barcelona until 2010, making his debut in the top flight at just 16 years of age. After two seasons with Braga, his performances earned him a move to Porto. In his seven seasons with the club, Helder Nunes grew from outstanding prospect to one of the best hockey players in the world. He won 10 national titles and was captain of the team from 2016 to his departure in 2019. 

Nunes has also enjoyed great success with the Portuguese national side beginning with victory in the 2009 European Champions with the U17 side. More trophies followed with the U20 side and the full national team, culminating in victory in the 2016 European Championships. 

In July 2019 he signed a contract to link him to Barça until 2023 and he became the third Portuguese player in the section's history. 


Nunes is a player who is characterised by his ability to score goals. He has a great shot and is excellent in one on ones. Nunes can also create and also lend his talents to defence as well as being a real threat from set pieces. 


Barcelos (Portugal)
Barça Fanになろう!
Barça Fanになろう!

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