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Privacy policy

Confidentiality and security are core values for FC Barcelona and, therefore, we are committed to guaranteeing the User’s privacy at all times and to not collecting unnecessary information. Below, we provide all necessary information about our Privacy Policy in relation to the personal data we collect, explaining:


  • Who is responsible for the processing of your data.
  • For what purposes we collect the data we request.
  • What is the legitimate interest for its processing.
  • For how long we keep it.
  • To which recipients your data is communicated.
  • What are your rights.


  1. Data controller:


The data controller is FC Barcelona, on its own behalf and on behalf of the following existing entities listed below, as well as those newly created entities owned by FC Barcelona:


  • FC Barcelona (hereinafter, FC BARCELONA or the Club), with Tax Identification Number G08266298.
  • Barça Licensing & Merchandising, S.L. (hereinafter, BLM), with Tax Identification Number B67192955.
  • Barça Produccions, S.L. (hereinafter, Barça Studios or BS), with Tax Identification Number B16950321.
  • Barça Fundació Privada Futbol Club Barcelona (hereinafter, Fundació Barça), with Tax Identification Number F60627445.


FC BARCELONA's headquarters are located on C/ Arístides Maillol s/n, 08028, Barcelona.


Data protection officer:


Your personal data will be accessible by the member entities of FC BARCELONA for business coordination and sharing of databases, although your data may be processed independently by each of the entities and under their own responsibility and, as co-responsible for processing according to the purposes of its use.


  1. Purposes, legitimate interest and storage of the data processing carried out or sent through:


  1. Application for membership and management of related procedures


Purpose: Register you as member, issuing of membership card and duplicates, management of membership fee payments, management of season tickets for the use of seats and free seats, maintenance of the relationship and application of the disciplinary regime; administrative tasks deriving from the relationship; management of the election of delegates and call for informative sessions; calls for assemblies and referendums; management of voting and, where appropriate, processing of postal votes; call for and holding of elections. Use of biometric data for the authentication of members and validation of members' access to the Club's facilities or in remote/online procedures with FC BARCELONA, providing you with a Barça ID number so that you can interact with FC BARCELONA through a single user and/or code and enjoy all the advantages and services offered by FC BARCELONA with a single identification and user. Sending communications by any means, including electronic communications related to the Club's activities and events; sending electronic commercial information and social networks, applications or web pages of which the member is a user, from FC Barcelona entities, its sponsors and/or entities related to the Club's activities.


Legitimate interest: Registry as member and compliance with FC BARCELONA’s Statutes, rules and policies. Consent to the use of biometric data. Legitimate interest in keeping the member commercially informed.


Storage: As long as you are registered and maintain your FC BARCELONA’s membership and, once this is terminated, during the legal deadlines to address any possible liabilities. Until you withdraw your consent to the use of your biometric data.


  1. Updating the membership census


Purpose: Procedures for updating and validating membership data to update FC BARCELONA’s membership census.


Legitimate interest: Compliance with FC BARCELONA’s Statutes, rules and policies.


Storage: As long as you are registered and maintain your FC BARCELONA’s membership.


  1. Authorisation to transfer the use of your season ticket to a third party


Purposes: Verify the member's authorisation for the transfer of the occasional use of their season ticket to a third party transferee (and the necessary steps to allow the third party access/attendance to the events authorised by the member, which implies the processing of the third party’s personal data).


For the transfer of the occasional use of their season ticket, the season ticket member will provide, at the time of making the transfer, the personal data of the third party transferee for which purpose they declare, under their responsibility, that they have the consent of the owner of the data and/or, in the case of minors under 14 years of age, that of their parents/parents/guardians and that they have previously provided the transferee with all the necessary information on the purposes for which and the way in which their personal data will be processed by FC BARCELONA.


Legitimate interest: Authorisation granted by the member in the legitimate interest of the Club for security reasons.


Storage: The data shall be stored for as long as the authorisation given by the member is valid.


  1. Management of season tickets


Purposes: Manage the processing of season ticket requests, management of seats, as well as, where appropriate, the issuing of the season ticket, issuing of duplicates and associated administrative procedures, including the change of name.


Legitimate interest: Compliance with FC BARCELONA’s Statutes, FC BARCELONA’s rules and policies, and season ticket request.


Storage: As long as you are registered and maintain your FC BARCELONA membership and, once this has ended, during the legal periods to address any possible liabilities.


  1. Payment and financing of membership fees


Purposes: Provide a means for you to process the payment of fees and, if you wish, to request financing for their payment.


Legitimate interest: Compliance with FC BARCELONA’s Statutes and FC BARCELONA’s rules and policies. Member’s consent to ask for the financing of the fees.


Storage: As long as you are registered and maintain your FC BARCELONA membership and, once this has ended, during the legal periods to address any possible liabilities.


  1. Contact and feedback from members / Submission of allegations


Purposes: Respond to your requests and manage your claims, complaints and suggestions. Facilitate the downloading of the allegation sheet and derived administrative procedures.


Legitimate interest: Consent of the data subject.


Storage: Until your query, claim, complaint or suggestion has been resolved through FC BARCELONA’s form or once it has been answered by e-mail and/or until the end of the process of allegations submitted, if it has not generated new processing of data.


  1. Activation of minor’s passport (Child Passport)


Purposes: Manage the application, handle the issuing the passport for the minor in your care and facilitate their access to FC BARCELONA’s facilities.


Legitimate interest: Request for the passport for the minor in your care.


Storage: Until expiry of the validity of the passport issued and, once reached, during the legal period to address any possible liabilities.


  1. Registration and, if applicable, payment for participation in events and activities for members


Purposes: Organisation of the activity and management of the registration and participation of the member.


Legitimate interest: registration to the activity.


Storage: During the event and, once ended, during the legal period to be able to address any possible liabilities.


  1. Request for invitations / tickets for member’s relatives


Purpose: To provide a way for you to contact FC BARCELONA, answer your request for information.


If applicable, to process the invitations or tickets requested and facilitate access to the FC BARCELONA facilities on the day of the match or event. 


In the event that, in order to process the invitation or ticket, the member provides personal data of the third party assignee, the latter declares under their responsibility to have the consent of the third and that they have been provided all the necessary information about the purposes and the way in which their personal data will be processed.


Legitimate interest: The user's consent when requesting information via the FC BARCELONA’s contact form. In the case of processing the booking, execution of the group ticket sales contract. In the case of providing third party data, by virtue of the consent of the interested party or legal representatives given to the person responsible for the group processing the booking.


Storage: Until your request is resolved by means of the FC BARCELONA form or once it has been answered by e-mail, if it has not generated a new processing of data. Commercial mailings: Until the interested party revokes consent and requests to unsubscribe from the mailings. In the event of processing the reservation, for the duration of the contractual relationship and, once this has ended, for the legally required retention periods to address any liabilities and subsequently for the legally stipulated periods.


  1. Registration for information sessions for the assembly of delegates


Purpose: Manage their registration and, where appropriate, attendance at the information session for delegates.


Legitimate interest: Delegates’ consent and request for attendance to the information session.


Storage: For as long as they are registered and maintain their condition as delegates and members of FC BARCELONA. Once this has ended, during the legal period to address any possible liabilities.


  1. Recipients of your data


Your data are confidential, will be used exclusively internally for the purposes indicated and will not be passed on to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation and in the following cases:


  • To our sponsors and/or collaborators for commercial mailing. You can find the list of FC BARCELONA’s sponsors here:
  • In the event of a request for financing of the membership fee, your details will be communicated to the entity offering the financing for the processing and management of the financing.


  1. International transfers


FC BARCELONA, as an entity with an international scope, has international suppliers that may provide their services from outside the EU, so it is possible that your data may be processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (for example, the provider of the newsletter mailing, data storage, etc.).


In any case, all our suppliers go through a prior approval process and we will ensure that such data processing is always protected by appropriate safeguards, which may include:


- EU-approved standard clauses


- Third party certifications


You may request further information about the safeguards in place at any time by contacting our Data Protection Officer at


  1. Rights relating to your personal data


Any person may withdraw their consent at any time when it has been granted for the processing of their data. In no case does the withdrawal of this consent condition the relations previously generated.


Likewise, you may exercise the following rights:


  • Request access to your personal data or their rectification when they are inaccurate.
  • Request their deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
  • Request the limitation of their processing in certain circumstances.
  • Request opposition to the processing of your data on grounds relating to your particular situation.
  • Request data portability in the cases provided for in the regulations.
  • Other rights recognised in the applicable regulations.


Where and how to request your Rights: By writing to the Data Protection Commission at the postal address calle Arístides Maillol, S/N, 08028 Barcelona (Spain) or by e-mail to, indicating the reference "Personal Data", specifying the right you wish to exercise and in respect of which personal data.


If you have any doubts, questions or complaints about the way in which we process your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, at the e-mail address or by post by writing to the address calle Arístides Maillol, S/N, 08028 Barcelona (Spain), with the reference "DPO".


In case of disagreement with FC BARCELONA in relation to the processing of your data, you may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (


  1. Cookies

You can consult all the information about cookies on this website in the Cookies Policy of FC BARCELONA.


  1. Targeted advertising


FC BARCELONA sends information to our users in a tailored manner in order to offer better services, adapted to the preferences of our users, providing quality content that is personalised to their interests.


As described below, FC BARCELONA may carry out targeted advertising taking into account all the data provided by you.


This profile will take into account, for example:


  • Your behaviour on the website, cookies, cursor movements, or your preferences and interests.
  • Behaviour in relation to the sending of FC BARCELONA newsletters, such as, for example, what content you find interesting considering the opening of newsletters and the frequency with which you open them.
  • Interaction that you may carry out through other channels, such as queries on FC BARCELONA’s information or contact channels.
  • Information you may provide us with through satisfaction surveys.


We also inform you that, for some services, we may process your personal data using automated means. This means that certain decisions are taken automatically without human intervention, such as, for example, segmenting you according to whether you are interested in certain sections of the website or whether you are likely to use other services that we may offer.


Furthermore, the same communications may be adapted and personalised, according to the interests of users, either based on the products and services requested, or based on data that we can deduce or obtain from your browsing, interest in certain content, reaction to FC BARCELONA’s communications, among others.


This personalisation is partially automated, in the sense that FC BARCELONA determines the personalisation parameters, but it is the technological platform that generates the advertising segmentation characteristics for each user. FC BARCELONA does not send general communications that are not segmented using the above procedure, as it considers that it is in both our interest and that of the user to send or receive information that is relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of communications received, but only the content of the same. In this sense, if you do not wish to be segmented, you may object to the communications or request to unsubscribe at any time.


Likewise, the data that FC Barcelona processes as a result of the interactions carried out by the user through our website when accessing via their third party user and password (Social Login): the user's name, email address, date of birth and geographical location, in addition to their likes on social networks when the user optionally consents it, in order to offer a personalised experience related to the person's "Likes".


  1. Obligation to provide us with your personal data and consequences of not doing so


The provision of personal data requires a minimum age of 14 years or, where appropriate, sufficient legal capacity to contract.


The personal data requested are necessary to manage your requests and/or provide you with the services you may contract, so if you do not provide them, we will not be able to attend to you correctly or provide you with the service you have requested.


  1. Security of your personal data


In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that we have adopted all the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of the personal data provided against alteration, loss, and unauthorised processing or access.


  1. Updating your data


In order for us to keep your personal data up to date, it is important that you inform us whenever there has been a change in your personal data, otherwise we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the data.


We are not responsible for the privacy policy regarding the personal data that you may provide to third parties through the links available on our website.


The present Privacy Policy may be modified in order to adapt it to any changes that may occur on the FC BARCELONA website, as well as any legislative or jurisprudential modifications regarding personal data that may appear. The date of publication of these policies is 14 February 2023. Any relevant changes to these policies will be communicated to members.


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