Take part, compete, get points and be on top of the rank!

What is the Match Day Challenge?

The Match Day Challenge begins 24 hours before the match and ends 24 hours after the final whistle. During this time you can take part in Guess the Score, the Game Quiz, and Rate the Game, in order to complete the challenge and win as many points as possible

The points you win will be shown on our Match Day and Season rankings, where you'll be competing with other Culers around the world.

The Match Day Challenge takes place in the Match Center for LaLiga, Champions League, and Copa del Rey games. Each and every game has its own Match Center. You can access the Match Center for the next game by clicking on the button below:

How do I win points?

  • Guess the Score - For taking part: +10 points
  • Guess the Score - Guessing the outcome (home win, tie, away win): +15 points
  • Guess the Score - Guessing the final score: +40 points
  • The Game Quiz - For taking part: +25 points
  • Rate the Game - For taking part: +15 points
  • BONUS! - Taking part in in all 3 in one Match Day: +20 points
  • BONUS! - Completing 5 Match Day Challenges: +50 points
  • BONUS! - Completing 10 Match Day Challenges: +100 points
  • BONUS! - Completing 15 Match Day Challeges (and so on...): +150 points
  • BIG BONUS! - Complete all the Match Day Challenges of the season: +500 points

Where do I see the rankings?

There will be 2 kind of rankings.

1- The Match Day ranking.

You will find it on each Match Center. This ranking will show how each of you Culers are doing for a specific Match Day Challenge.

2- The Season ranking

You will find it on the Season Hub. This ranking will add up all your Match Day points.



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