Welcome to the Match Day Challenge!

Are you ready to take part?

What's the Match Day Challenge?

The Match Day Challenge begins 24 hours before the match and ends 24 hours after the final whistle. During this time, you’ll have to do three things in order to complete the challenge: Guess the Score, take the Half Time Quiz, and Rate the Game.

How can I take part?

In order to participate, you'll have to login or register first. Not a Culer yet? Start here.

The Match Day Challenge takes place in the Match Center. Each and every game has its own Match Center, and the Challenge is activted 24h before kick-off. You can access the Match Center for the next game by clicking on the game on the Calendar widget on the homepage of the website, or by accessing the First Team Schedule page and clicking on the upcoming game.

Guess the Score

The Challenge kicks off with Guess the Score, which begins 24 hours before the match. With Guess the Score you can demonstrate your ability to predict the final result of the match, and you’ll be able to compare your prediction with those of other Culers. Plus, just by taking part you’ll have the chance to win the official FC Barcelona Home Kit 20/21, and a Culers Premium Membership in case you are not subscribed yet!. Guess the Score will end when the whistle blows to start the match, so make sure you give your answer before kick-off!


Half Time Quiz

The Half Time Quiz will only be available during the 15-minute break at half time. Consequently, you’ll need to demonstrate a combination of knowledge and speed in order to complete the Challenge. The Quiz will end when the second half gets under way.

Rate the Game

For the next 24 hours after the final whistle, you’ll be able to Rate the Game. As a Culer, you can express your opinion on how the team played by giving a numerical rating, and also by using an emoji. Once you’ve rated the game, you can also find out what the rest of the Culers thought about it. Rate the Game will end 24 hours after the final whistle, and will also mark the end of the Match Day Challenge.


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