19. N'Guessan

Left Back

N'Guessan is a player who stands out for his power and reading of the game

Timothey N’Guessan is a world-class left-back with great shooting ability and a privileged reading of the game.

N’Guessan is the seventh Frenchman to play handball for FC Barcelona. Following in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Karabatic, Jerome Fernández, Sorhaindo and current teammate Dika Mem, N’Guessan joined Barça on 29 August 2016, six months after announcing he was Blaugrana bound.

The defender’s career began when he was 11 years old, playing for Dieppe UC, where he played until he was 16. He then signed with SMV Porte Normande, where his abilities did not go unnoticed. One of the most important teams in world handball, Chámbery, took notice, and brought him on board in 2011.

N’Guessan represented France in the 2013 World Championships, held in Spain, but injuries kept him from becoming a fixture on the national team. Once he recovered, however, N’Guessan was back with France in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, where Les Bleus won the silver medal.


Timothey N’Guessan combines pure talent with an innate ability to read the court. He can take on the role of a back on the first line while also directing play as a central defender. Additionally, his goal scoring prowess and versatility make him a constant headache for rival defences.


Massy (França)
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Barça Fanになろう!

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