FC Barcelona empowers future generations on International Women's Day

With the slogan ‘Equality is in our colours. Empowering future generations’, the Club presents a campaign with a symbolic T-shirt designed by María Escoté, which aims to raise awareness about equality among the younger generation.

With a firm commitment to diversity, equality and inclusivity, and to coincide with International Women's Day on 8 March, FC Barcelona has implemented a number of actions regarding equality and the importance of raising awareness about women in society and sport.

The 'Equality is in our colours' slogan first came to the fore a year ago and is here to stay. It arose as the Club's original blue and maroon colours were blended to produce the 'Lila Barça' colour. That colour is now part of the blaugrana DNA as a symbol of equality and forms the inspiration for the International Women's Day campaign, which this year focuses specifically on future generations, and the slogan has been adapted to become ‘Equality is in our colours. Empowering future generations’.


Equality is in our colours. The origin

Under the slogan 'Equality is in our colours, the Club presents a video manifesto that show the origins of the new registered Pantone colour that fuses its original blue and maroon.

This initiative was supported by a series of external and internal initiatives driven by FC Barcelona, aiming to impact at all levels on the path towards equality in society and the world.

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