Our child safeguarding system is a reflection of FC Barcelona's commitment to respecting the rights of children and young people and creating a fairer and more protective society. The system contains the following protective measures:

1. We have a Child Safeguarding Policy that applies to all the environments where we work.

2. We have defined the Safeguarding Roles and Responsibilities of each person in our activities and at our facilities.

3. We have a Code of Conduct for professionals and other persons who have contact with children and young people.

4. We map and identify risks and protective measures as part of the planning of any action with children and young people, as well as to assist us in designing, evaluating and enhancing every environment where our activities take place.

5. We have an Action Protocol setting out what to do whenever a case of suspicion or evidence of the violation of the rights of a child or young person is detected.

6. We are fully acquainted with the protection circuits that are most relevant to our work, so that we can liaise with the competent authorities when necessary.

7. We have broadened our Recruiting and Employment Standards to include child safeguarding aspects.

8. We train everyone involved in Child Safeguarding, especially employees and volunteers, in line with the Club's Training Structure.

9. We carry out prevention activities with the children and young people themselves and with their families and legal guardians.

10. We allocate the necessary human and financial resources for these activities.

11. We regularly review and update the various Child Safeguarding documents, tools and procedures.

12. For reasons of both transparency and accountability we make these documents known to the children and young people, their families and legal guardians and society in general.

13. We ensure that organisations that work either for or with FC Barcelona or the Barça Foundation have in place the same or similar safeguarding measures and environments. If they do not we provide them with the necessary information and materials to do so.



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- Annual Report 2022-2023

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