If you want to enjoy the best Euroleague games at the Palau this is your pack! With the TOP EUROLEAGUE PACK you will enjoy 4 authentic Euroleague games from just € 69! With more than 333% discount! Tickets are guaranteed together * and the best available seats n in the Palau area of your choice. At the best price! Also this year we will send you the tickets automatically to your email. Do not you think it anymore! Limited units!

Zones Non-pack price Pack price
Zone 4 94€ 65€
Zona 3 lower 125€ 89€
Zona 2 lower 202€ 139€
Zona 1 superior center 288€ 199€


 What games are included in the pack?

  • Olimpia Milan 11/01 9pm
  • Anadolu Efes 01/13 9pm
  • Fenerbahce 03/25 9pm
  • Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv 04/08 9pm

Can I share the tickets of the pack?

Yes, the tickets of the packs are not individual, once they are received in the buyer's email they can be forwarded to any family member or friend if the person who has acquired them cannot attend any of the games. If the data of the attendees is necessary for any issue related to covid, the buyer will be requested and the data of the person who will finally attend that game in which the ticket has been assigned must be added.

How to order

Click on the purchase button, select the number of packs you want to purchase (tickets are guaranteed together * up to 6 packs being purchased in the same purchase process), the area of the pack you prefer, add your data and complete the purchase process.

Once the pack is purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with the purchase summary, informing you of the ticket delivery method (In general, they will be sent by email within 24h-48h of each game to the buyer's email) and providing you with a locator. to be able to identify the pack.

Note: Although it is highly unlikely, in exceptional cases the delivery of tickets for any of the games in the pack could be postponed until 3 hours before the game

For any questions or queries, contact us at: 

Purchase conditions

Promotion not combinable with other offers. Valid while stocks last. Promotion only applicable on the Club's website  (

What do we mean by tickets together? *

We will always try to assign the tickets in pairs, in the best option available at all times. Although it is unlikely, there is some minimal possibility that in high demand games depending on the volume of releases and dynamics of the FC Barcelona “seient lliure” we can only assign individual tickets even though all in the same zone as close together as possible to each other.

Most likely options in order of assignment by order:

This promotion is subject to the assumption of having at least 70% of the available capacity, in the event that the capacity for reasons related to covid or of another nature is less than the one mentioned above, FC Barcelona reserves the right to cancel the sale of the purchased packs and make the full refund of the amount paid.

In the same way, FC Barcelona, in the event of a capacity lower than that mentioned in the preceding lines, will try at all times and by means of adequate communication prior to the start of the matches included in the pack, to also offer the buyer the option of partial refund of the pack, only affecting those matches that due to the high volume of requests from FC Barcelona subscribers, the request for tickets included in the purchased pack could not be satisfied.


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Força Barça

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