7. Caroline Graham Hansen


The Norwegian winger stands out for her power, technique, game-changing ability, and field vision

Caroline Graham Hansen was the first signing for the 2019/20 Barça Women's team. The Norwegian winger (Oslo, February 18, 1995) came from Wolfsburg, signing a two-year contract that runs until June 30, 2021.

In the five years she was in Germany, Caroline Graham Hansen stood out for her power, technique, game-changing ability, and field vision: she led the Bundesliga in assists in 2018/19. In spite of her youth, while at Wolfsburg, she gained a great deal of experience while winning three League titles, five Cups, and playing two Champions League finals (2016 and 2018). She formed along with the Danish player Pernille Harder and the Polish player Ewa Pajor one of the most feared attacking trios in Europe. In addition, she was also a runner-up in the 2013 European championships with Norway.

Oslo, Norway


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