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FC Barcelona vs Real Betis

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona vs Real Betis

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FC Barcelona vs Real Betis

  • 08/25/2019 - 09:00 p.m
  • The biggest stadium in Europe
  • Vibes of the Barça supporters
  • Thrills guaranteed!
  • First match of the season
Barça Stadium Tour & Museum

FC Barcelona

Barça Stadium Tour & Museum

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  • Summer plans in Barcelona

    Barcelona is an incredible city, and it’s a perfect place to visit during the summertime. There are hundreds of different activities, amazing cuisine, local celebrations, beaches and great weather that make this city attractive for both tourists and residents. FC Barcelona will also be organizing programs with summer activities that anyone can enjoy. If you're a Barça fan or just want something to do in Barcelona this summer, keep on reading!

    Messi Challenge Summer Edition

    Turn into Leo Messi for a whole day with the Messi Challenge Summer Edition and get the chance to win the season prize. There are different events in this contest and all of them really fun for both those who want to be the “Messi of the Day” and their companions, who can follow the event from the stands. First there’s a quiz with several questions about Messi and his career. After that, it’s time for action. Participants must repeat three of the player’s star moves: free kick, nutmeg and header. Finally, you must face the robokeeper, a mechanical goalkeeper that was able to stop some of Leo Messi’s penalty shots. It took him a few tries to score a goal on it. However, you’ll only have one shot. Will you be able to get it through? This is surely a great plan to do with either friends or family.

    Mediterranean cuisine at Camp Nou - Tapas 24

    Enjoy the best Mediterranean tapas, traditional tapas from the 21st century, with a unique touch and great presentation for every dish. Carlos Abellán, one of the most renowned chefs in Barcelona, is in charge of Tapas 24. Apart from their delicious tapas, they’ve got some other specialties. If you visit in the morning, you might want to taste their vermouth menu. We also recommend their paellas and “huevos estrellados”. Their “patatas bravas” (potatoes with hot sauce) are also some of the best in the city.

    Barça Stadium Tour & Museum

    If you're a Barça fan and still don't have any plans for this summer, we suggest a tour around the Camp Nou. There are lots of different options so the experience is flexible and adapts to your possibilities and expectations. You’ll be able to feel the excitement of walking around every corner of the stadium: the stands, locker rooms and the tunnel through which players access the field. You can also step onto the field yourself and sit on the bench. Feel the magic and enjoy every moment. You’ll also get a chance to see the press room and the mixed zone. We also recommend taking a look at the Barça museum and seeing all the trophies the team has managed to conquer throughout their history, as well as other representative objects and the multimedia area.

    Megastore Barça

    Visiting the Barça Megastore is another great plan for this summer, which is near the stadium. The store is over 2.000 m² in size and has different sports areas, accessories and much more.

    Other summer plans in Barcelona

    Apart from the best Barça experience, here are some other plans you might enjoy this summer. Make the most out of your stay in this great city during the summer.

    Barcelona’s beaches

    Although Barceloneta is probably the most famous beach among visitors as well as the most crowded one, there are many other incredible beaches in Barcelona such as Somorrostro, Sant Sebastià or Sant Miquel. If you want a calm beach to go with family or friends and just relax, we recommend Nova Icária.

    Local Celebrations

    Barcelona is divided into 10 districts and 73 neighborhoods. Each one of them has their own local celebrations. That's mainly the reason why there are events throughout the whole year, but most of them are in summer. For example, in August we celebrate Fiestas de Gràcia and Fiestas de Sants, which are two of the most famous ones. There are lots of shows, concerts and activities for the whole family as well as gymkhanas, contests, expositions, sardanas, castellers and much more. And, of course, each event will have the best of the local gastronomy.

    Magic Fountain of Montjuic

    The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is a great tourist attraction that gets more than 2,5 million visits a year. It’s a fascinating show of lights and colors with 7 million possible combinations for people to enjoy.

    Enjoying Barcelona’s Parks and Gardens

    Parc Güell is one of the most famous parks in Barcelona, but there are many other green areas that are worth checking out while you’re visiting. Some of them are the Montjuic gardens, the gardens of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes or Parc Cervantes. Any of those options are great during a hot and sunny day in Barcelona.


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