Supporters' Club Ombudsman

The Supporters Clubs Ombudsman is responsible for overseeing a good understanding between Barça Supporters Clubs, and the honest and efficient application of the agreements between supporters clubs and the Club. His or her actions must be coordinated by and reported to the Supporters Clubs Council and the parties implied


  • Defend and protect the rights of supporters clubs whenever the questions of concern are not the competence of the Members Ombudsman.
  • Act as mediator, seeking to reach agreements in any conflicts arising between the supporters clubs and the Club’s management. In order to seek solutions for these conflicts, he or she may receive whatever information is believed convenient.
  • He or she will also act as mediator in conflicts between Supporters Clubs if required either by the Club or any member of the Supporters Clubs Council. If requested by a Supporters Club, the delegate of the Supporters Clubs Council must be informed.
  • Present the Board of Directors with any requirements considered opportune in defence of the rights of supporters clubs.
  • Understand, know and have a voice in the creation of the list of supporters clubs recognised by the Club.
  • Attend assemblies of the Supporters Clubs Council with a voice and vote and, if relevant, attend Supporters Club Meetings.
  • Attend mixed meetings of the Supporters Clubs Council and the Social Commission with a voice but no vote.


The intervention of the Supporters Clubs Ombudsman will be exclusively by request of:

  • President or representative of a Supporters Club
  • Any member of the Supporters Clubs Council
  • Any member of the Club, either director or executive


As an institutional member, he or she will represent the Club at events when requested by the management of the Social and Institutional Area of the Club.


If you wish to contact the Supporters' Clubs Ombudsman, you can do so by sending an e-mail to


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